Resolved: ConnectWise integration issues

Resolved | Feb 26, 2024 | 18:26 GMT+01:00

We have extended the range of accepted certificates, adding additional root certificates to our cert store. Previously impacted integrations to 3rd party systems including ConnectWise should now operate normally.

On Sunday, Feb 25, we experienced an issue with the ConnectWise API due to a certificate validation issue. Apparently, the Certificate Authority (CA) of the certificate presented by ConnectWise at the time could not be validated as trustworthy by SIGNL4. Unfortunately, no records are available nor is information shared by ConnectWise about the certificate used at the time. ConnectWise instances currently present a certificate that was issued by an Amazon CA and is fully trusted. ConnectWise integrations are fully operational again. SIGNL4 Ops is monitoring the situation.

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